dimanche 24 novembre 2013

News from the chateau......

I feel a little guilty! I  have ignored my blog for a while. Since I joined the rest of the world with a new up-to-the- minute phone I discovered how easy it is to email instant photographs and put comments on my 'Facebook' page about what I am listing or buying around the brocantes. Then I realise that not everyone visits Facebook!

Today we set of at 6am for what is probably the last brocante of the year. It was bitterly cold and the sellers were few and far between but I did find a few treasures. I had my "little" eyes on and came home with some finds that I shall list this week.


Miss Frou Frou and Mr Frou Frou stopped by this afternoon on her way to the ferry en route to the UK to stand the fair at Kempton Park in London. I looked at their van loaded to the gunnels with treasures  - and I realised she has turned into me, 30 years ago!!!

How I used to love standing the fairs, come rain or shine! I loved the buzz; I loved meeting clients face to face; I loved the travelling;  I even loved sleeping in the back of the van whilst travelling! For one moment I felt really envious.

After they drove away I walked back inside - into our lounge with a blazing log fire, sat down and checked my auctions online - and decided that  standing in the freezing cold at Kempton Park at 4am was not for me after all!
But good luck out there Miss Frou Frou!! She is definitely a chip off the "not so" old block.

The beautiful letters of the World War II romance ( see my previous blog a few weeks ago)  are proving a hard task for the wonderful lady translating them. Some of the writing is almost impossible to read but the fact that she can actually decipher them is simply divine and I promise I shall let you read them too soon.

Last week I had a wonderful lunch with the Countess Deauville at her country chateau. She spends her days between the chateau and her Paris apartment and does some amazing charity work. We lunched by her log fire in the petite informal cuisine overlooking the walled garden. She met her husband the Count some 30 years ago in a whirlwind romance in Monaco - and I am always desperate for her to repeat the tale to me time and time again. She must think me quite mad.

And excuse me.....[fanfare of trumpets] are reading the blog of someone who supplied a batch of antique hat veil lace to the Disney production team working on the new Cinderella film. When it does finally hit the screens I shall be too busy trying to spot my lace to enjoy the film!

Charles, le Baron du Breuil, has been fighting weasels again as you can see by his ear! He simply will not give in until he catches one. If I knew where he was finding them I would try and stop his antics.

So...............may your week be filled with Fabulous fripperies...

........textile treasures......

and sheer delight!!!

A la prochaine mes belles

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  1. Woo Hoo Shirley, you shouldn't fee guilty. You've been busy but you are so right, I do not follow on Facebook. I look at a computer all day long, Facebook is not for moi.

    I do look forward to your posts and am happy to hear you are warm near the fireplace. xo Rhonda