mardi 18 novembre 2014

All ticking along quite nicely now.....

Last Winter whilst walking round a brocante like two Eskimos wrapped up against the cold, Mark declared he was going to buy a bronze clock he had seen on a stand miles away from the car.

Look of amazement....." A clock"....."Why?"...."What clock?"...." I have never seen you look at clocks before"....." has your brain frozen in this cold?"...."It`s so heavy we would never post it"....etc etc....!!

I always walk past clocks as I suppose over the years I have seen and sold so many that it has to be something amazing to catch my eye. I have become clock blind!

But Mark was adamant he was taking it home. The lady selling it told him it was not working but she thought it was simply dusty from being in the attic as it was her "Grandmere`s clock".  I stood there silently thinking "yes...good story Madam...everyone says that".

So Mark heaved it back to the car and of course on returning home it did not work and it has sat there looking at us accusingly since. 

Then a couple of weeks ago a good friend Gaston offered to take a look at it.

Oh my.....apparently it was "simply dusty"  and just needed a clean! It is working perfectly.

 Oooooh la is delicieux. It has the most delicate "ting" on the hour and half hour and if you close your eyes you can imagine Marie Antoinette sweeping past in her rustling gowns.

So, firstly I apologise to Mark and secondly I apologise to that Madam who I now think was telling the truth!! 

A grand merci to Gaston for his cleaning job - what a star you are monsieur!

The website has been found and reinstated by our wonderful website guru Stephen Buss and many thanks to him too.

We are off truffling for a couple of days, hopefully no more clocks shall return home but hopefully lots of divine finds will.

A la prochaine mes belles

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  1. Very ornate clock and fabulous that it is working again!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger