jeudi 23 avril 2015

Madame....I am undone.....

After a week of fawning over the sewing box of the Countess I have managed to force myself away from it to take some photographs....

I wonder what she sat and stitched by candlelight?

I am listing it tonight and keeping all the contents inside...who could bear to split them up? Not me!!

I have no idea what this is...have you? It operates like a pair of tweezers with the end clasps.

This little  silk brocade needle case is so charming...

And as for the needle case with the seed pearls and the gold wire embroidered crown........

In the words of Johnny Depp in the film  Chocolat....madame I am undone!

A la prochaine mes belles

3 commentaires:

  1. The little clasp is a skirt lifter! To clip to the hem of a skirt enabling it to be lifted clear of the mud.

  2. I have seen this before. Believe it or not it is a cigarette holder. The ring goes on your finger and the cigarette gets clipped on the end. Then you can go about your chores ( sewing ) and smoke without having to hold your cig....very French.

  3. Smaller than a skirt lifter, it has the same function but holds a handkerchief, usually folded into quarters and the centre is clamped in the clasp. The finger-ring allows the handkerchief to flutter as you move your hand but allows the hand to be free, especially if dancing.