mercredi 17 juin 2015

About who?

A good friend recently emailed me to ask me to check the "About me" page of an Etsy seller.

When I looked I couldn`t believe it!! She had copied my "about me " page from my last website word for word! It was so bizarre I didn`t know whether to be insulted or flattered.

Why on earth would someone want to do that? How can I be her or she be me?!! How can we have lived the same life of truffling for 30 years. She even copied my archive and my early years.

Surely she would want to show her own flair and style?

Perhaps I have become a twin without knowing it? 

I emailed her and asked her politely to remove it and she simply left it the same just changing the odd word here and there.

Well Madame...believe do not want to be me. Or if you feel you absolutely do... please head on up to the chateau....there is a heap of ironing, monogrammed sheets to be laundered, photographs to be taken and listings to be done!

Perhaps we should stage a duel to decide if she is "me"or if I am "me"?

Stepping from my soapbox as we speak...........

Tomorrow we will start filling up the Etsy shop with recent attic clearance items. It really all does have to go as my studio is totally out of control . We are going to list it all - everything from 19th century silk ribbon bows to Paris department store brochures. 

Next week we take our holiday to Provence. I say "holiday" but it`s really a trip of early morning truffling with afternoons spent lounging by the swimming pool in a tiny sleepy village. 

I shall post photographs of the truffling as we go.

But I do hope that Etsy lady has not got there already and taken my sunbed!!!

A la prochaine mes belles

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh my, that is a bit scary. Don't know what I would do.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Don't work too hard.

  2. Some people are just so dull and lead lives so free of event and interest that they have to steal other people's I guess. She is also imagination-free if she couldn't even invent a life for herself.

    She is guilty of Plagiarism. Your written word is automatically your copyright (whether you assert that with a © and warning or not) and you can send her a 'Cease & Desist' warning immediately (You can find simple ones to copy & Paste online) and apply to her server to have her website taken down (as they are obliged do while they investigate any copyright infringement dispute). As you are dealing with Ebay I am not sure how quick they will be to respond, but you should still send her the Cease & Desist just to get it into her skull that there actually laws against just that kind of thing! Good luck :o)

  3. You need to report her to Etsy. Some people are so sad and boring, they feel the need to copy another? I don't get it.

  4. Just tooo bizarre...yes plagiarism sure...but spooky and very lazy too....Like Rhonda I just don't get it! Just hope she's not on your sunbed or boiling rabbits in the garden xx
    Have a lovely truffling trip xxxx
    Lynn x