lundi 20 juillet 2015

Merci mes belles

Thank you to everyone who came  to see me this weekend. How wonderful to put some faces to names but perhaps not such a pleasure for some of you though to see my ugly mush!!

The weather forecast for Shepton was dire but instead it started dry and then lurched into a full hot Summers day sunburn all round!!

Just got home to the chateau and divine to see my boys Charles and Diggers.

Last night was spent in the  Premier Inn near to the ferry port so we could get an early start. Heavens it was SO warm in there!!! The hotel has a policy of making their windows open just four inches in case someone should try and hurl themselves out! I was so hot at about 4 a.m that I was desperate for air. I spent a good 30 minutes with my face pressed to that tiny gap trying to catch a breath and almost have 2 permanent creases down my cheeks from the window frame!! 

Thank you to Dee and David for their wonderful hospitality and food that was second to none. I am their unofficial adopted daughter, although they do not know it yet and will have a shock when the paperwork drops on their mat and they find they are the proud owners of a 50 something half French chocoholic. I haven`t slept in my wonderful bedroom there for over 20 years but it is still MY bedroom in that divine 400 year old thatched cottage and just felt like going home. 

Normal-ness whatever that is will resume tomorrow mes belles


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  1. It was fab to see you at both events Shirley. Love my goodies I purchased from you. Liz x