dimanche 1 novembre 2015

Taking a chance.....

Firstly my apologies for my slow blogging. I tend to Facebook as I work every day adding pictures as I go as it is quicker from my phone. You can either find me on Facebook under simply-chateau or if you do not Facebook you can slap me next time we meet!!!

I took a chance on  the dirtiest but most beautiful pair of printed cotton chateau curtains from the 1850s this morning.

In my 30 or so years of truffling I have never seen this design before and their condition is good but they have come from a chateau barn out of a trunk and they are laden with dust.

After coughing myself silly in the garden I discarded the linings which were shattered but also bright tomato red. I have learned from experience not to wash that tomato colour with curtains unless you want a shade of vile pink!

The colour of these Chinoiserie curtains are amazing with all the shades still as fresh as they day they were printed.

As we speak they are languishing in a bucket of freezing water with Vanish as I cannot risk any hot water near them. Many years ago I laundered a pair with similar shades in hot water and the design was hardly visible afterwards.`s hoping....this might be the only time we ever see them....or I may be lucky!!!

A la prochaine mes belles


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