mardi 29 décembre 2015

An 18th century find.....

Distressed and timeworn this tiny trinket box or patch box is such a sweet confection.

I have left it just as I found it.

The lid carries a petite vignette under glass of a man declaring his love for his sweetheart " I promise to love you and never leave you...."

Hidden away inside is another vignette under glass that shows the mademoiselle in later years alone with three sad children and the message "Bacchus is a violent God, we avenge him by loving".

Inside the lid is a small distressed mirror with a twinkling of mercury within the silvering.

The outer is worn and the basketwork over card is peeling, I can just see a few words on the paper layers so old documents must have been used below the straw.

It is little treasures like this that capture my heart and fuel my imagination.

May 2016 be filled with more truffling for beautiful finds like this.

Happy New year and Bonne Annee mes belles.


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