mardi 31 juillet 2012

Singing in the rain...............

I know I keep harping on about the fireplace in the renovation but I have been secretly worried it may be wrong for the room. It is all installed but still dusty from years of storage. I suppose it was the expanse of brown that scared me.....I am a distressed paintwork kind of a madame!

The day started with rain today and Sir Digbert Fanshaw refused to get out of bed................ in the quiet of the early morning I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get the wax out to tackle the wood.

It was so dry and thirsty it drank the wax as soon as it went on. Many coats later that dry dusty wood started to sing.............

I cleaned all the gilding with a soft brush and even the angels seemed happier!
I now know it is most definitely right for the room

whats next?

Get a toothbrush and clean the chandelier with the red amber lustres that I have been hoarding...............

Anyone want to help? 

I am still hiding from you the silk 19th century silk brocade chateau drapes that I have truffled out for the room.

A la prochaine mes belles!!

lundi 30 juillet 2012

Flying topless.........

This weekend saw the amazing annual kite festival take place at Barneville plage. Always the most gorgeous array of kites take to the sky......

......but this year there was THE most amazing spectacle and I didn`t manage to catch it with my camera!

Mr Frou Frou took along his huge kite this year. The kind of kite that you hold with 2 handles and it propels you along the sand on a kind of skate board.

All was going fine and dandy until the Miss Frou Frou (my daughter) decided she would like to do it too.

She held the kite handles but as she is so light it lifted her into the air, dumped her face down on the sand and dragged her along until she was rescued. She was very conscious not to let go of the precious kite!!

On the second attempt it was decided that she would hold fast to the handles and Mr Frou Frou would hold her feet so she couldn`t fly too high. 

She took off so quickly that Mr Frou Frou just managed to grab her by the shorts and at the same time her bikini top flew off!!

He couldn`t let her shorts go as she would take flight and she couldn`t let go of the kite as it would be gone.

So......the mortified Miss Frou Frou did a topless flying exhibition until the kite decided to put her firmly back on the sand.

Why...oh why....did I not have my camera handy?!!!

It`s no good running to the dunes to hide mademoiselle everyone saw it!!

Will this be an annual event I wonder?!!!

A la prochaine mes belles

jeudi 26 juillet 2012

Work in progress......

It may be sunny and gorgeous and the garden is very inviting....but....the renovation continues!! At last the fireplace we bought last year has been installed... was a little more complicated than we originally planned. We had to break in to the kitchen chimney on the other side of the wall to insert the log burner pipes. The stone chateau walls are at least 2 feet wide so it was a tough job. But voila......

it is finally in place!!!

Do you remember the church lights I truffled out a few weeks ago? They look wonderful at either side....

Now all I have to do is get out the wax and polish the wood!!

Any helpers out there?

A la prochaine mes belles

dimanche 22 juillet 2012

Hot air at the chateau...............

Early this morning I was laying out a couple of 19th century tapestry panels to dry on the grass ( as you do on a Sunday morning!!) and I was stopped in my tracks by the strangest of sounds coming from the marsh. It sounded like a huge fire breathing dragon approaching!! I called for Mark as the noise got louder and then out of the early morning mist came a hot air balloon just visible in the suns glare......

It passed over the roof of the chateau...................

Charles le Baron was fascinated. He thought it was a huge bird for him to catch and he sat there chattering his teeth!
He thought his petit dejeuner had arrived!!

Bonne Dimanche mes belles
Bisous from the chateau

vendredi 20 juillet 2012

The crown couronne of a Baron Allemand.....

I love love love this!!!! I found it truffling at the huge brocante I mentioned in my last post.

I think it is Belgian and the wording may be Flemish and I think it is a salt box. But who cares what it`s edible mes belles!!!

It really flicks all the switches................the couronne crown of a German Baron.....( 7 points for a Baron Allemande)

Wonderful inscriptions..........

A divine heart finial...........
and that colour...soft Gustavian grey...........
I suppose that the early bird did get the worm this week!!!

So am I keeping it? Non mes belles....I am going to love being the keeper for a week or so and I am listing it tonight in my auctions.

It is just a wonderful visitor to the chateau!!

Have a wonderful weekend mes belles

jeudi 19 juillet 2012

Brocante truffling at dawn.......

It`s 4am............. are you ready? No time for 'une cafe'; you`ll have to grab one when you get there.
Out into the darkness, and dive in the car. I`ll drive... you can sleep on the way!

Wake up.....dawn is you know, you have been snoring like a truffle pig?

Okay we've arrived. Get your bags and trolley, everyone is standing around,waiting for the brocante to start.

Quick! The sellers have started to unload their vans. The brocante has started. We're off!! So much to see.....

I adore this wrought iron screen. Fortunately it will not fit in the car and I have nowhere to use it at the chateau! Keep walking - there is more being unpacked....

Mademoiselle!! Put some clothes on... it`s not even 9am!

Always lots of great characters to see here!
Some clever Paris dealer is covering club chairs in printed linen & hemp. I just love you?

Everything is here....from this sublime chair.... the ridiculous!!

I am shattered.....time for that 'cafe' now.
Well, I think I am done. Have you finished too, or are you going back out to do a little more truffling ?!!

mardi 17 juillet 2012

Le petit oiseau...

There is a wonderful little stone hole in the side of the old barn that is rapidly becoming our new salon sitting pretty from outside but what to do inside?

I knew that I had truffled out this divine old stained glass panel for something!

I took this photograph at the end of the day so I know it will be delicieux in the early morning light.

Every day a little more comes together and I know it will have been worth the wait!

A la prochaine mes belles


lundi 16 juillet 2012

Marie Antoinette`s travel bag.............

When Marie Antoinette travelled she always took along her necessaire de voyage.......................

An amazing array of silverware, fine enamelled pieces and even her own monogrammed tiny teapot and cup....

Somehow makes my battered old leather travel bag that holds a bit of lippy and some moisturiser quite a sad affair!!

A la prochaine mes belles