dimanche 22 avril 2012

Truffling in the rain...........

Off to the brocante at 6am this morning but the rain was so bad we almost turned back halfway. When we finally arrived I was pleased to see that some hardy brocanters had unloaded their treasures.
We managed to run from stand to stand sheltering under their large parasols as we went.
Cold and lashing rain but who cares when there are shabby chic delights to be truffled!!!

Who cares if the rain makes old iron even more rusty? This chair had a divine look!

This wonderful old broken barometer was showing "Beau temps" .....
I was certainly having a "beau temps" ......up to my neck in brocante!!

The rain did stop very briefly....
and I met and fell in love................with a wonderful monsieur!!! Look at that wet nose!!

Some mademoiselles can still look divine truffling in the rain...( note the man bag of her beau!!)

Just as we were about to give up the sun broke through.....

So like this other gorgeous monsieur we shook ourselves off and started again!!!

A la prochaine mes belles

10 commentaires:

  1. Looks wonderful - even in the rain!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. What a glam brocanteuse, there is a distinct difference between us English Ladies and our Continental counterparts!!
    T x

  3. How funny, I thought of you as we wimped out of car-booting this morning! In France you just get on with it despite the rain.. in England.. no chance! Lizzie x

  4. I so miss brocanting at vg's. Dark mornings, rain, frost etc no problem. There's always the wide awake cafe and the saucisson stand. And at every stall so many wonderful or peculiar tresors to be amused by - whether we purchase them or leave and regret later.

    1. Hi Cecile
      When are you coming over again?

    2. Hi Shirley - we'll be over asap the legal stuff re my mother is done. Also both our passports ran out while we weren't looking!Cx

  5. Same here today - raining sideways and blowing a gale!
    Hope you're keeping well.

  6. Rain? What's that? It never rains here, sigh.
    I'd love to feel the drops on my face.

    Your day turned out well. I know I'm supposed to be admiring the antiques but that lady's bag has my's huge but I love it.

  7. Dear Shirley,
    We arose at the ungodly hour of 4:45 A.M., and arrived at the flea market only to find it closed because torrential rains were expected sometime in the evening!! So we went home and went back to bed! A local dealer and friend had invited us later in the day to look at antique textiles that she knew we would love! We sat in her beautiful home and viewed nineteenth century frock coats and vests, antique stockings and an Edwardian lingerie dress! She had tucked spring flowers into the lapels and the effect was so charming! We bought armloads of treasures and then were invited to enjoy tea and cake in her gorgeous kitchen! So we too managed to salvage a nearly disastrous flea market day!
    Peace & Plenty,
    She and Sher

    1. Now your day sounded a lot more comfortable than mine""................treasures and tea...............does that get any better!!!