jeudi 12 juin 2014

Buy me.....take me home....

I still cannot get that old heavy metal crypt door out of my mind.

It would be the perfect finish to my Venice walled garden.

It calls me, it whispers to me in my sleep, it sends me secret telepathic messages at all times of the day....."buy me...take me home...".

Early 1800s. Perfectly timeworn and just the right height for the hole in the wall.

But the door is SO expensive I cannot bring myself to even type the fingers simply will not type that high!

 But still it calls to me....." come and collect me....I am waiting for you".  I am at the point where I visit it once a week like an old favourite aunt!

The brocante owner simply will not move on the price so I know he must have paid a kings ransom for it. He will usually do a deal and can usually can be bartered down, but not this time.

I simply will not pay that obscene price.....I will not....I won`t....I shall not....I cannot......" buy me.....take me home".....No...I must not....."I am waiting for you".......Nooooooooo!!!!!!

A la prochaine mes belles

5 commentaires:

  1. You should! Listen to that voice!!! You'll always dream about that door!! You will call it the one that got away. It will become part of your family's folk tales! You will spin tales about the door that might have been yours at every gathering, every holiday, every birthday! You will wonder who is opening that door into their Venetian garden! You should buy it...
    The Twinnies

  2. It's gorgeous you really need it xxxxxx

    1. JO....I keep hoping I will find something I like better that is not so wildly priced I am thinking " what happens if I get there and someone else has already bought it?"....Noooooooooooo!!

  3. Oh Shirley, you WILL find another just as gorgeous, I know it in my heart. I've been in your shoes and viola one day down the road my prayers were answered.
    Only those who are passionate about old things will understand.