jeudi 26 juin 2014

A bird in the hand.......

Provence is so divine and I wish you could smell the lavender in the air that has just come into bloom. The colour is as intense as the aroma which hits you as you drive into this fabulous region of France.

The weather is scorching but that hasn`t put a stop to my truffling!

As we speak there is a gorgeous carved wood swan nestling in our hotel room armoire!! Solid carved wood with sunbleached timeworn paint and I had to take him out of the car just to save his wings from becoming damaged as we drive! 

Explain that one to the chambermaid!!

I SO wanted this staircase but fortunately I could not get it in the car or I would have had to find a place for it.

We spent the late afternoon by the pool....

 .....and have just sat out on a tiny village square for supper 

With this trickling water at our side it was total wind down after a day of truffling.

( make sure your pc sound is on!)

In my next life when I come back as a Provencal "lady who lunches" I shall live here behind those pink shutters and I shall totter out on pink kitten heels, wearing a pink apron with a pink watering can to water my plants!!

But for now I am happy to be a truffleuse!!

A demain mes belles


2 commentaires:

  1. Provence.. ah .. I can feel all beatiful sensations.. and the smell of lavander.. love it so much! I'm thinking of having a trip there for these summer holidays..I hope!.. Have a happy summer! Stefy

  2. Oh ! and I though you dressed like that all the time?
    Sounds simply wonderful xxxx