lundi 7 juillet 2014

Chez nous and a little Royal treat...

We are back home at the chateau, the garden went wild within one week and it is as if the marsh thought we had gone and decided to undertake a repossession of the land!

Provence was simply divine and I almost didn`t want to come home! I saw lots of dealers I hadn`t seen for 20 or so years, funny how they all seemed so much older. I myself am the same....well it feels that way at least and the secret is not to look in the mirror!

Isle sur Sorgue was filled to the brim with top American dealers rushing around with their shipping stickers trying to secure the best pieces.

 It was nice to be able to relax and simply saunter around taking it all in. Years ago I would have been in with the fight and running around like a woman possessed.

We sat for a lazy lunch under some vines and a couple with clip boards, lists and maps on the next table said " I think we recognise you...didn`t you used to be Simply-Chateau?".........what do they mean? " used to be" .... Indeed!!!

We left Sorgue to the dealers and shippers and frantic bartering and headed for the hills. With the tiny hidden brocantes and markets the car was soon filled to bursting with treasures.

I met a wonderful man who had been at the clearance of an old perfume factory in Grasse that had been closed down on the early 1920s. He had unused perfume and soap labels to die for and of course I have brought a selection home to list. He also had some of the most adorable 1920s perfume bottles too - all unused and they will be listed soon.

This tiny shop was right on a mountain top. I decided I would open my own brocante behind that faded blue facade and live above!

And then I considered that petite village is silent from October to May and decided I really didn`t fancy being snowed in at the top of a mountain unable to get to the brocantes. But we did find this wonderful boy who might be able to dig us out of the snow.

On the way back down we bought freshly cut lavender from the fields and were almost overcome as the perfume filled the car.

After a week of truffling the car was soon packed to bursting and I have some divine treasures.

I met a Belgian dealer who had on his van some drapes that had come from Le Palais Royal de Bruxelles. Amazing velvet tassel trimmed confections that are simply huge and delicieux. He wasn`t having much luck selling heavy thick velvet in that scorching heat. That was until I came along! I have to find somewhere tall enough to hang them for the photographs as they are at least 15 feet. Now if curtains could talk I wonder what tales they could tell.

Sorting out the new truffling batch as we speak and my new listings will be starting tonight.

Of course....the swan came home and I just have to find a name for him.

A la prochaine mes belles

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  1. Sigh, love your brocante stories. Cannot wait to see what you list.

    1. Rhonda...finding it hard to go back to work even though I love everything I have brought home!!!