lundi 21 juillet 2014

The chateau textiles.............

We set off on Saturday to collect the chateau attic textiles and we were not disappointed!

The chateau had been purchased by a development company before my friend got involved in the clearance.  The roofers had already dumped all the period costume in a skip and it had been disposed of! If the period costume was as good as the textile then that has been a great loss.

I did manage to come back with some amazing 1920s flapper girl silk stockings. Some are unused and still tied with their shop ribbons. 

They must have passed through the hands of the laundry maid as she had monogrammed and numbered them ready to be entered in the chateau laundry log book. 

Most large chateau employed a laundry maid who would log each item of the household linens and clothing. She would then embroider  monograms and number it all in the chateau log book to note any repairs and special laundering required.

SO now for the curtains, bed canopies and swags.... I have to launder what I can and beat the dust out of what I can`t. 

It is a little like Widow Twanky`s laundry here today!!

Thank heavens for Vanish stain remover !
How much 19th century dust can one woman eat?
How many calories are in dust?

Should you feel like rolling up your sleeves and getting into buckets of laundry then please feel free!

A la prochaine mes belles )

4 commentaires:

  1. Those stockings are so beautiful..I'm speechless...

  2. agree with Lynn...those stockings!!

  3. Argh non! Naughty roofers.....
    At least they didn't throw those fab stockings tied with ribbons... Or the curtains.
    Would love to come over and help you with the laundry... Where's my passport?
    Julie x

  4. You lucky dab! Looks wonderful.