vendredi 31 octobre 2014

From Tinkerbell to a hissing derriere.....

Today was the chateau pumpkin competition. Last night I checked my one pumpkin and decided to harvest it this morning. Mark said he doubted it would have a growth spurt over night but I thought I would leave it until the last moment.

This morning we awoke to glorious sunshine and a calm and heavenly day. The tables were all set for the entries and I cut my pumpkin and placed it on the display. Mark decided to move the table and it rolled off and split!!!

I guess my talents lie elsewhere!!

Diggers was on meet and greet duty at the gate.

And then....we saw something approaching...even Diggers was amazed.....

It`s huge and it`s orange and it`s walking....

It was Trevor in his inflatable pumpkin outfit that had a fan on his derriere that hissed as he walked!!

Soon more and more friends arrived with their precious entries.

The best carved entries were amazing..

My favourite was Tinkerbell that was the creation of the artist extraordinaire Mr Frou Frou. See the top photograph

 We had a fabulous "Wilson"

Monsieur and Madame Besnier  had a tough job as the official judges.

Here was the largest entry Charlie Chaplin who weighed in at 40 kilos.

Jacques did a wonderful job to produce this specimen.

I think we should have forced Trevor on the scales to see what he weighed!

The pumpkin on the left is Vivien`s creation called "The food chain" with the large pumpkin munching on a smaller one

She also took best in show and in the normal lunatic style of my friends in her winning speech she said...

"Its not the participation that`s the WINNING"!!!

A la prochaine mes belles.
Have a wonderful weekend

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  1. Dear Shirley,
    This is toooo funny! Your pumpkin (well it looks like a small gourd) is a very sad thing, sporting its little bandaid! Perhaps if you dressed it in a little costume of a pumpkin it would look more like one! Love the photos of Trevor! Here's a bit of sage advice...don't give up your day job!
    Love from across the sea,
    The Twinnies