jeudi 2 octobre 2014

Take that Monsieur!

We live in the middle of nowhere on tiny silent lanes and I love it. However twice a day mayhem takes over.

At 12 noon a Monsieur will rush home for his two hour lunch and then at 1.55 he will dash back to work filled with a 4 course feast and various amounts of wine.

Today whilst returning to the chateau from the patisserie a battered old farmers van approached us at full speed in the middle of the road. Mark was driving so he pulled as far into the hedge as possible and stopped expecting the other driver to slow down and move over also.

But "non" the monsieur continued at full speed and took off both his and our wing mirrors. 

As the mirror was ripped off on my side I got out to inspect the damage, Monsieur stopped some way up the road and did not get out but just sat there. 

I picked up both the wing mirrors and walked up to see him sitting there with a very red mottled wine infused face. 

I told him politely that he should drive more slowly on these tiny lanes to which he told me that women should not be allowed to drive.

Wrong answer monsieur....I advised him of various things including the fact that I was not even driving!

 With that turned I on my heels and threw his wing mirror over the hedge into a freshly manured field.

Don`t mess with me monsieur I have a baguette and I am not afraid to use it!

Calming down as we speak mes belles


8 commentaires:

  1. I can picture the scene so well. Our cottage is on a tiny lane off a tiny road up on a hill and the French drivers are, how can I put it nicely, errrmm, not the most observant or courteous drivers in the world.
    Tehehehe, I hope the mirror went a long, long way...

  2. Oh this reads amusing but I am sure not so when it happened. I would love to have seen his face as he watched his mirror fly over the hedge row.


    1. Helen..if he had got out of his car I would have run like a hare!!!

  3. We have a similar problem where our house is in France, on the border of the Charente and Dordogne, and it's definitely a rural trait! Our friend that owns a restaurant nearby explained that there is only one Gendarme for our local area, and he has a similar lunch to the local workforce. He then attends to his paperwork, so the locals all know they are safe to drive. We haven't lost a wing-mirror yet - but I feel it's only a matter of time. We have, however, twice had to pull drivers out of the verge-cum-ditch after their liquid-fuelled lunch! God, I love this place. I only wish we could live out here full time!

    1. Sometimes I think if you can`t beat `em then jojn `em!!

    2. Ahhhhh, so, you've seen my driving over here then?!

  4. I just adore your French stories. This one is so hilarious.
    As we say here in our office, MEN!!!!