mercredi 31 décembre 2014


My new years resolutions?

1. I shall stop using  my personal Facebook page as without realising it I have started using it as a diary and people I hardly know seem to know if I am in the bath or out shopping.
 I am approached by total strangers who ask if I did actually feel ill after my one woman chocolate eclair eating festival. I shall use my business Facebook page to show my latest treasures and I shall use my blog more to update you of my news and truffling adventures. Which leads me to number 2...

2. I shall pay more attention to my blog and blog more!

3. I shall change my hairstyle as I am sure I have had the same one since I was 17.

4.  I shall eat more and move that`s the wrong way round but you know what I mean!

5.  I shall attend Zumba classes even if I am in the middle of my listings which goes to prove I should arrange my time better. I will turn up in time and not at the end of the lesson when they are cooling down and I shall wear proper trainers instead of girlie flat pumps.

6.  I shall stop buying items I don`t really want just because I like the seller and don`t like to turn them down and hurt their feelings. That leads me to number 7.

7.  I shall learn the art of saying no in such a way that the person I am refusing has no idea that I have done so!

8. I shall wear velvet every day in some shape or form

9. I shall stop having conversations without listening. I realised yesterday that I had a 30 minute conversation with someone by just saying "oooh" and "aaah" and "absolutely" in the right places and then realised I had no idea what we had talked about! This is a habit I learned in a previous life when I owned a bar and could stand and talk to someone giving me their woes all night without ever listening!

10. I shall read more

11. I shall stop eating rubbish before our Venice trip in 4 weeks time so that I can wear that new vintage velvet coat and look good in it!

12. I shall look up old friends that I have lost touch with.

12 a. I shall not beat myself up for not sticking to my resolutions!!

Warmest wishes from all at the chateau and wishing you a wonderful New Year full of perfectly truffled treasures!

2 commentaires:

  1. OMG - number 11. Me too ( well a different coat). What date are you going to Venice? We are also off there in four weeks for our (45th!) wedding anniversary. I think you know it quite well? Any tips - this is our very first time ( in Venice I mean... ) Cecilexx