jeudi 26 février 2015

Shepton flea? Absolutely oui!!!!

We had booked inside pitches at the flea market as the weather forecast was so bad. But, when we arrived at the showground it was dry and bright so we made the decision to stand outside and sprawl the house clearance boxes!

What a wonderful day we had and it was so lovely to meet so many people that I have only known by name for so long.

My only regret is finding out that quite a few people had looked for me indoors and had not been able to find me! On reflection we should have simply put a cloth over the indoor tables with a sign explaining where we were. My apologies to anyone who searched for me.

Along with Miss Frou Frou, Mark and my old friend Sally we were kept busy all morning and lots of people walked away with arms full of treasures!

At midday the predicted rain arrived with a vengeance so we quickly loaded what was left and went off for a pub lunch!

Miss Frou has the remaining boxes and will be standing the local flea markets to reduce the haul.

She is trying to lure me to stand the next flea with her in April and I must admit it would be wonderful to clear the rest of the attic boxes so watch this space.

Thanks to Dee and David for their good luck card and it certainly worked!!

But now it`s back to my desk and some divine treasures to be listed this week.

I came home from truffling today with a gorgeous black and red velvet table top shop mannequin that shall be listing soon.

As for the new header above it was an old photograph I saw on my travels today. What amazing lace and I wonder who that mademoiselle was?  I didn`t buy the photograph and now I am regretting it...looks like I will have to retrace my steps tomorrow to bring her home.

A la prochaine mes belles

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