vendredi 22 mai 2015


Last year I was so tired of the chateau garden looking like a building site that I tried to create a garden as best I could. 

Although the renovation work still continues and we have hoards of building stones, timbers , concrete mixers and scaffolding that little part of the garden is flourishing.

I have had lots of very kind donations and cadeaux of plants and some even seem to have arrived by themselves!! I didn`t plant foxgloves but they are very welcome!!

I certainly did plant these though as I love them.

Each time I go out there something new seems to have arrived.

I planted so much so quick that I have short plants tucked behind tall plants so some work is in order!!

I had a wonderful present of some amazing grass with what looks like tiny Chinese paper lanterns from Lizzie Drake. It has thrived hidden in a corner!  I was told by Ben de Papignies today that it is called "Amourette" ...little love.

Have a wonderful weekend mes belles filled with "Amourette" !!

2 commentaires:

  1. The garden is looking good... trying to restore a similar sense of order here after the building work has finally finished. Have a fab weekend. xx

  2. Vilken fin trädgård du har... med massa vackra blommor!
    Ha de gott!