jeudi 21 mai 2015

Chez nous.....

Back at the chateau now and I don`t think I could even start to explain what a whirlwind truffling trip it has been.

The studio is laden with treasures and a wonderful hush has settled over the chateau now that Tartelette has departed for Provence!! It was wonderful to meet Monsieur Tartelette Jeff and there has been so much laughter as we travelled. 

Tartelette and Monsieur Tartelette in truffling mode.

( I think she turned him down...the "bling" in this ring was too small!!)

Tempting as it was to carry on down South with her I needed to come home to my Diggers and Charlie and to try and make some order of the hoards of treasures now in boxes and bags all over the house.

But this guy is mine and I have the perfect shelf for him.

My listings will commence again tonight and here are a few photographs of the haul before we even open the boxes!!!

A la prochaine mes belles

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