samedi 11 février 2017

A sad day at the chateau....

I know that I am guilty of not blogging regularly, but, by the time I have prepared my treasures, photographed them and shown them on my facebook page as I go I always seem to run out of time and I apologise for that.

But for my wonderful blog followers who do not facebook some very sad news.

My beloved "Digger" know by his formal name of Sir Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw has finally left us at a grand age of 17. What a wonderful long life he had and he was the most loyal friend. I know that many of you have followed his tales and enjoyed his photographs.

At the age of three in 2003 he was abandoned in a town in the UK and was tied up as though someone had gone shopping. No one ever came back for him and he ended up at The Margaret Green Foundation Trust in Dorset.

We clicked at first sight and although I was unable to take him immediately as he was to be neutered  I visited him daily. I was overjoyed to finally bring him home and since that day he has never left my side. 

On the first afternoon he arrived Mark took him a quick walk through the town whilst I stayed at my desk. He slipped his lead and came back to me immediately. After just a few hours with us in a strange town how on earth could he remember where his new home was? Mark rushed home frantic to find him comfy on the sofa. That night he jumped on the bed and burrowed down by my feet under the duvet and I have had warm feet every night since then with him snoring by my toes!

He moved to France with us in 2005 and has lived a very cosseted life. Like many rescue dogs he was so grateful and has followed my every step. 

Every garden party here at the chateau he did "meet and greet" and quite often sported a bow tie.

At Christmas he even performed in our party concert wearing little wings and stole the show tripping across the stage looking for somewhere to hide a bread roll he had found!

So at a grand old age of 17 years he has been laid to rest in the gardens here and this morning friends brought us a beautiful pink rose to plant there. 

Sir Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw 2000 - 2017.

2 commentaires:

  1. Sorry for your loss. I have missed your blogging I will have to find you on Facebook.

  2. I haven't read your blog for some time but something made me check in today to see your very sad news celebrating the wonderful life of your loyal friend. I've really enjoyed the story's you shared and the gorgeous photos of your friend. I hope that in time you will share your love and the end of your bed with another little friend as I'm sure Sir Digbert would want you to. X

    Leigh NZ