dimanche 7 janvier 2018


This morning I needed to have some air, do a little truffling and find a little inspiration. A walk around the old discarded factory being used as a recyling centre is always cold but who knows what will turn up!

Some of the alleyways are so lonely I felt a little like an "urbex" urban explorer!

You have to look through the piles of "truc" to see the treasures hiding in the rough.

I wanted to find a space to use that old cast iron chateau fence above but try as I might....

I love this old work bench and I can see that thick wooden top polished for a loft style kitchen.

Old balconniere window grilles...

At times like this I wish I still had my shop in the UK and could deal in the larger pieces.

Can I use this old bicycle rack at Le Petit Chateau?

Old cast iron garden bench ends...

Old galvanised guttering....if this high wind continues across the marsh we may need some of this for repairs.

Perhaps I should take some home just in case?

Or perhaps I should stop sifting through these " mantiques" and go sort some textiles!!!

Bon dimanche mes belles and if you want to see the photographs larger just click on them.

A la prochaine....

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