lundi 10 janvier 2011

Distressed? not me!

One of the joys of being a brocanteuse is the damaged and distressed items that you get to keep!!! I have so many wonderful little treasures on display that have seen much better days and I have still brought them home because I could`t leave them behind.
This divine little embroidered organza bag dates from the early 1900s.................

It is battered and shredded with age but I don`t care I simply adore it! I do sometimes wonder if everything I leave behind me when I have gone to that great brocante in the sky will be distressed!!!
Gorgeous daughter (passionatelyparis on Ebay) has a mannequin to die for up for sale at the thinks I taught her too well! Might have to confiscate that one!
Tartelette who came to stay and shop late last year is building up to blogging about me on her blogsite. She is a loose cannon so heaven knows whats coming and I am waiting nervously! Save me someone please!!!!

6 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour Shirley,
    Been enjoying reading Tartelette's blog, anxious to see the big post about you and Simply Chateau!
    Just went for a visit to your boutique, you have some lovely items for sale...
    This music is perfect!
    Bon semaine,

  2. Thank you Mimi....must admit I am slightly nervous at what is coming next!

  3. Me again,had to become a follower of Charlotte's blog, its just so funny to read them both
    Good Luck tomorrow

  4. I wish you the best tomorrow!
    I am in love with this bag.

  5. Thank you Olga!! Have you seen the photograph she has printed of me today?!!!