samedi 22 janvier 2011

Que sera...............

Ever since my daughter Kate can remember I have come home laden with shabby French treasures............textiles, objet trouves and vintage shabby fripperies.........

When she was a teenager she always told me that after I go to that big brocante in the sky she would throw out all of my old shabby treasures and fill the place with new Ikea furniture!
But oh! things have changed since Mademoiselle has started to trade as passionatelyparis on Ebay!! She recently came to stay for a few days and instead of raiding our armoires she went off truffling for her own treasures without me!
All I can say is that over all those years something must have sunk in as she came home with some divine old treasures! I would have brought most of them home myself and almost had to try and truffle away a few items as she packed for the ferry home!

Que sera sera.......................whatever will be!! Perhaps I was useful after all?

3 commentaires:

  1. Like mother, like daughter. LOVE that photo of the linens.

  2. I love it that your daughter is like you!
    Mary Ann

  3. Oh Shirley,
    You were useful for sure! Her eyes were wide open and her heart is YOU! I love your story. My daughter and I are the same way. She used to hide my things in a closet before her friends came over. Now I buy from her!!
    Love this world where we love and love being a MoM!