jeudi 6 janvier 2011

Travels with Ming-Hoa..............

We went to Carentan shopping this afternoon in the pouring rain and discovered in the local 'supermarche' the most amazing bread that we hadn`t tried before. Their "in house" patisserie produces chestnut bread. Ooooooooooh.......the taste is amazing and wonderful; shame it's not really a good discovery as the New Year diet has just started!!!
Even though we know the route to Carentan with our eyes shut I decided to try out, en route, the car Sat Nav I bought Mark for Christmas. I had such fun changing the choice of available voices from Jill to Edward but my best choice was when we were driving through the country lanes being instructed in Chinese! A bit like a Chinese taxi ride but I am not really sure that Ming-Hoa will be much use when we really do need instructions to a location.

Still on the subject of technical things we have now finally downloaded Skype so we are now able to both talk to and see our kids back in the UK.  What a scream - and what a saving it shall be on the phone bill!!! I feel I have to dress up for the video calls so did my first one in a very elegant hat and plan to do tomorrow's calls in a pair of fluffy rabbits ears.
Can`t have the kids thinking I`ve turned normal can I?
A la prochaine mes belles..............

5 commentaires:

  1. Hahaha - love the chinese sat nav voice, but better still the dressing for skype! Two of our children now live in Australia, 11 hours difference at this time of year. So when we Skype one or other of the parties could be in jimjams. By that I mean if they Skype in their evening it's crack of dawn for us. So much hurried dressing as we don't wear much in bed (TMI)! Happy New Year Shirley and hope to meet up somewhere in Normandy this spring/summer.Cx

  2. Its great to be able to talk to your children via skype, but don't let the side down keep dressing up!!
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. When I finally get Tom to sort the Skype I will follow your example, I am afraid that I do not have the bunny ears, if I did Michael might get the wrong idea!!!
    I also look forward to meeting/visiting you this year I think it would be an hilarious encounter!!!
    T X

  4. Hi Tracey
    Come in the spring or summer when the street markets are on! You`ll have a ball!!

  5. Will you were the knickers I sent you when it is my turn to Skype?This could be fun.Amy