lundi 17 octobre 2011

Oh what a close call...............................

Our  travel plans for our (late) holiday this year had been finalised months ago;  we were to leave for our 'stay-over' hotel in Beauvais today ready to take the flight to Venice tomorrow morning. All organised, all booked - all sorted. But not quite...............

Last week I felt a little dizzy everytime I stood up - so I booked an appointment for a check up. All was fine at the check up and my doctor asked me to have a routine blood test on Friday morning and we would look at the results when we got back from Venice next week. I went back home and did a little gardening,  feeling fine.

5 o`clock the phone rang  - and I missed it as I was far away in the garden. Then as I made my way back into the house my mobile went off and on the way to answer it the house phone rang again. It was my doctor telling me that I had to go to the surgery as a matter of urgency. Of course we dropped eveything and went right away.

What is going on with me this I getting as crumbly as the chateau steps?!!!

The doctor called me straight in as soon as I arrived and told me that as the blood tests had revealed that my blood count was so low I had to go directly to hospital for a transfusion! So off we went - and to cut a long story short they started the transfusion almost immediately and I was drip-fed four huge bags of A- ;  and a very nervous time followed. I have had every blood test possible and every IV on the go at once and I look a bit like a pin cushion! Throughout the weekend I kept  asking if I would be allowed to go on holiday but no one would give me a positive reply as it all depended on my blood tests. But today at 3pm I was released - and our holiday was 'on' again!

I dashed home, packed a case and we left at 5pm! So here we are at the hotel. I am battered and bruised and  definitely ready for that holiday now.

Do you think  all that additional French blood now makes me half French? I wonder whose it was? Did they have any special talents I will inherit? Will I be able to play the piano? Will I be a master patissier? I may become an onion seller. Will I start wearing a wrap-around apron and wellies and have a yearning to milk cows? Who knows!!!!

A la prochaine mes belles - and, hopefully, no more mishaps for me!

8 commentaires:

  1. Oh Shirley, you still seem to be in good spirits even though this sounds to have been a total nightmare for you! I had a blood transfusion, but it was after I lost pints of blood. Where has all your blood gone?
    I hope you enjoy your holiday, and get LOTS of REST!xxx

  2. That is such a good way of looking at it! I love it....yes, you will play piano and milk cows...stay well.

  3. Oh goodness, I am so sorry for you. But happy that you are on your holiday! I love Venice and I am sure that your trip will be wonderful.

    Take care of yourself!

  4. Who knows where my blood went?....come on confess.....who has it? Is it you? Yes? Well put it back immediately!

  5. have a lovely holiday and rest!!!...maybe you will just become the person who gets all the best change then!!!.xx

  6. Maybe the Chateau has a vampire! C'mon gal, pull yourself together. I'm A-, do you think we're related?
    Have a great holiday :-)

  7. Well I hope you have a fabulous holiday and they don't make you give any of it back.......the blood not the holiday ha ha
    HUgs Lynn xxxx

  8. Dear Shirley,
    So sorry to hear that you have had another "wobble off!" Our sis Donna had a routine colonoscopy and had a hemorrhage, followed by a stay in the ICU and two transfusions. They told her they used the blood of a sixteen year old to give her an added boost! Perhaps your anemia dates from your surgery! Donna is convinced that a bat that ended up flying into the grill work of her car was some strange omen for her! Have there been any bats mysteriously flying about the rafters of the chateau?!!