mercredi 9 mai 2012

If there is a brocante in heaven.............

I am going to be missing until next week. We are off to 5 kilometres of brocante in the woods that runs for 2 days and sometimes through the night!!

Dealers from all over France come to sell their wares along with local townsfolk who empty their barns and attics.

It is always filled with the most amazing treasures.....Who knows what you will find?

Every box has to be truffled through...............
Every table has to be scanned................

It is usually just a little easier shortly after dawn before the crowds come out!!

By 9am the road gets full to the brim................

So its head down and work your way through the crowds truffling as you go!! 

This picture gives an idea of how that road stretches out before you. Who knows what delights it will hold this year?

At the end of 2 days and nights walking up and down that road truffling I have been known to say "never again" and demand to be airlifted back to the hotel!

 But, the pain of the aching feet is soon forgotten once I look at my finds back at home and I can`t wait for the next one!!!

If there is a brocante in heaven I am sure it will be like this.....but perhaps without any other buyers...and me in a silk lined sedan chair carried by Johnny Depp and George Clooney in toile loincloths.....and of course everything would be free!!!!

Till next week mes belles hope you have a wonderful weekend.


13 commentaires:

  1. Have fun! Sounds fabulous and worth the aching feet.
    Jo xx

  2. Hunt on my love, hunt on!Don't stop till the very last treasure is picked~Cheers Kim

  3. Oh my goodness...I am so jealous! I wish I could go to brocante heaven with you!

    Enjoy and have fun, Elizabeth

    1. I will take my camera- there are always such amazing things to see. People too- some real characters!

  4. OMG - wish we could be there but with all the family stuff going on, we forgot to renew our passports!! Never done that before. Grouded...but wishing you all the luck in truffling out treasures. Cx

  5. Best of luck.. We live close to Brimfield MA where there is a large (they say 4000 dealer) flea/antique market lasting Tues thru Sat.. Its fun ... I ran accross 4 or 5 dealers from France there today... they had there wine and were enjoying there lunch right in the middle of it all. Hope to run into some Brocantes in Paris on our trip this summer.

    1. Hi Shirlee
      I have heard of Brimfields and used to supply a couple of textile ladies who had stands there.

      Of course the French would stop for lunch !! Hurricaine............avalanche...typhoon....who cares...if its 12 noon the table and wine comes out!!

  6. Oohh, sigh, ooohhh, are so lucky!
    I will be thinking of you, Shirley. I've heard of this event and dream of going.

  7. Well, I join the envious throng, wishing I, too, could be there, but wishing you and Amy et al a time of great joy, lots of giggles and a Great Gathering of Loot!!!

  8. I had a wonderful time at the vide greniers last year.....miss it.

  9. Could you please pick up that blue and white transferware cheese keeper for me? The event looks like such fun!

  10. Lovely to see you in "Truffling heaven".. surprised you didn't take a piccie of me diving into piles of old stuff! Lizzie x