vendredi 4 mai 2012

A weasel in the chateau.........

There is a weasel on the loose in the chateau.......and not just any old weasel, it`s a weasel as furious as an angry weasel at a weasel anger management meeting!!!!

This morning all was calm and Pierre was plastering the ceilings in the renovation. Charles came in through the cat flap with the weasel in his mouth and the long furry creature had already sunk its teeth into the Baron`s cheek. He calmy placed the weasel down as a present and of course the weasel made a run for it. Pierre nearly fell off his ladder!!

Diggers normally thinks this kind of activity is well below his dignified status but he shocked us all by chasing the weasel and giving it a shake. The weasel sunk its teeth into poor Digs nose, so of course he let go very quickly and the weasel disappeared into the new salon that is still being renovated.

The only exit for this creature is back out through the cat flap unless he can open a window or door by himself !! We have searched in every nook and cranny but no joy.

Charles decided he had already had his fun and lost interest in the whole proceedings. He decided to climb Pierre`s ladder

Just look at his teeth in the picture below....he seems to be doing his best weasel impression!!!

So as we speak we are still " avec weasel" !!!! 

Tartelette arrives from Oregon next week. Do you think I should tell her she may be sleeping with something furry? 

Perhaps I should warn the weasel that Tartelette is on the way?!!!!

Move over Charles the top of that ladder seems quite inviting to me until we locate that furious fella!!

A la prochaine mes belles.

3 commentaires:

  1. Omg...I do not think I could sleep with a weasel running loose. Can we hope that weasels are afraid of people and that it will high tail it out of there?

    There is never a dull moment in life is there?

    Have a fabulous weekend! Thank you for coming over to visit.

    By the way, I love your books from the last post, beautiful!!


  2. Oh Dear, what to do. It seems you have your protectors at the ready to defend you should Pop (the weasel) appear
    Hope your weekend is enjoyable


  3. Oh, now that's funny. Mr. Weasel is hiding under a blanket? Where did he go?