jeudi 31 mai 2012

Who stole my wheelbarrow?

So..........back to the 5 kilometre brocante. Sorry for the delay but it is all happening renovation wise here and the family has arrived from the UK for a holiday too.

I eventually had to drag myself out of the textile heaps as I figured I was missing so many other things being unpacked throughout the fair. Daylight had arrived and it was clear it was going to be a wonderful sunny day. As we were still quite close to our car we decided to take the enormous filled sacks and our trolley back to the car and start the brocante again. I had decided a few days before that if I was going to have to pull an old ladies trolley along I would at least have a chic one!!

 I walked away looking backwards at the heap of textile pining for it as I went!!!

You will hate me for this but I didn`t take the camera with us on the day as I get so involved in truffling I knew I would put it down and lose it.

 Along those same lines.... just one hour later I realised my mobile phone was missing !! I have had this phone so long that Noah had the same model and I keep threatening to change it for an all singing, all dancing internet phone but it just keeps on working well - so it stays. My big chance for a new phone? Actually no.....a lovely Belgian lady who had been truffling through the piles of textiles with me had found it buried after I had gone and had kept it all day, hoping that she would see me again in the crowds. Fortunately, she did. Will that phone never leave me?!!!

One of the rules at a 5 mile fair where you are not allowed to take your vehicle in at all is not to buy anything big unless you feel like transporting it by hand or trolley back to the parking area.  After a kilometre or so we were already loaded to the hilt and we had also bought a huge suitcase on wheels for a couple of euros which we had filled and were dragging along behind us!

And then I saw it.....a shabby chic distressed Gustavian grey cupboard with a carved winged angel on the door. I knew I needed it! Isn`t it always the way? You only want something when you know you can`t have it? Sniff!

We walked on a little and came across three men wearing yellow vests with the town name emblazoned on the back  who were standing by a golf buggy with a trailer behind. I asked if they were for hire and they said most certainly and it would cost me just 2 euros to load the trailer and for it to be taken to my car 5 kilometres away.

Faster than a croissant out of a patisserie oven that trailer was loaded with the angel door cupboard , the suitcase, the trolleys and along with Mark standing on the back they set off slowly through the crowds.....wish I`d have had the camera for that one!

I made my way behind them at my own snails pace and to be honest bought some really wonderful smaller items as I was slowly wombling along.

I finally reached the car and helped Mark put the cupboard on the roof and pack the car to the hilt. A little decadent don`t you think using the sheet of a Baron for covering!!!

 We decided to walk just a little way back into the brocante for a well earned coffee and a sit in the sunshine. We had to walk back past the van with the piles of textiles and of course I couldn`t resist! 

The brocanteur told me he would not be back the next day and that if I wanted to put a pile together he would do me a very good deal. Mindful of the lack of space in the car I picked out a few choice cards of passementerie but the stand holder joined in and soon I has a heap waist high!!! He obviously didn`t want to take it home and soon there were bin liners and boxes filled to the brim!!

 We wondered how we were going to carry it all and then Mark spotted a rickety old metal wheelbarrow on a nearby stand. We bought it, filled it to the brim and made our way back to the car again. 

There was no where at all for the barrow so we sat it by the car and went off for coffee.  We sat in the sunshine laughing deciding how to dispose of it and decided we would give it back to the seller with our compliments for him to sell again! 

When we returned to the car and the barrow was missing....stolen!!!  Problem solved!!

A demain mes belles!!!

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  1. You must have bought a years worth there. Thank the gods someone stole the barrow, a good example of theft if there is one. I must come next year!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a day. Will you be sharing a photo of the cupboard?



  3. What wonderful memories of the 5 mile kilometre brocante. I love your finds and stories.

  4. Hi Carol
    Cupboard and renovation pics coming soon!!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful day ! I'm sure I will be purchasing some of your lovely passementerie for my pillows.

    Antoinette French Design