dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Coffee and crowns!!

Yesterday I received an email from a lady asking if I might possibly be interested in an antique trousseau sheet with matching pillow cases that had been in her family for many years.

She added that the fact that they had embroidered crowns might put me off buying them - and  would understand if I said "No"!!!

I opened the photographs attached to her email. Oooooooh la la!  Nine 'points' across  the crown top....the aristocratic crown of a Count or Countess! 

My response to her email was definitely " OUI OUI OUI MADAME!!".

She lives quite a long way away from us but as there happened to be an  early morning flea market taking place close to her village today we decided it would worth making the long trip. We arranged to meet up with her early, and set our alarm for 6.30am.

When I woke up I noticed that  it was quite light outside - and then, in shock, realised it was 9am;  the alarm hadn`t gone off!

What a panic! We left the house at a gallop, hardly dressed and looking pretty dishevelled. We didn`t have  phone number for the lady; we just had to drive and hope she would wait.

Fortunately when we arrived she had spent some time looking around the brocante herself and was still there. We managed to complete the deal and still truffle out a few extra treasures even though we had arrived so late.

Setting out for home after the brocante we stopped off at a local cafe for a hot drink to warm ourselves up. Sipping my coffee I flicked through the local newspaper and something caught my eye.  A 'once a year' sale taking place at the beautiful Chateau de Tailleville with all sale proceeds going to charity...and the day of the sale:  today at 2pm!! I waited patiently whilst Mark checked the road map. Yes, Tailleville was only a half hours drive away.

Well , it just had to be done, especially after driving so far! We arrived at around 1 o`clock to find the chateau grounds deserted; not a car in sight so off to find another cafe for some lunch and more coffee.

We arrived back at the chateau at 1.45 to a very different sight: the car park was virtually full, but we were lucky to squeeze into a spot near the chateau entrance. Where had everyone suddenly appeared from?

Despite the large crowds we still managed to buy some gorgeous pieces. 

So what could have been quite a disappointing morning  actually turned out to be a wonderful full day of truffling!

Who says too much coffee isn`t good for you?

A la prochaine mes belles

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  1. Sounds so fabulous! Would love to be there to treasure hunt with you~Cheers Kim

    1. Hi Kim
      It was all a bit accidental really!!