vendredi 21 décembre 2012

I surrender! Bonne Noel!

Since we came back from the UK my 'derriere' has hardly hit a seat! It's been so manic that I haven`t even been able to truffle through all the latest treasures I found last weekend at the brocante. I did take a few quick photos of a divine box of old Christmas tree decorations that I found - see above.  How wonderful that they had been stored away in their original box. That delicieux petite angel will be making an appearance on my tree!

With a host of village lunches and Christmas events to attend life has been so busy. The days are just flying by.

We dashed out yesterday to buy a Christmas tree and managed to find one with a good set of roots so we can plant it in the garden after Christmas. I was trying to get it into a large pot in the garden, my plan being to fill a large plastic bag with soil and then place it in the pot. 

Whilst  waiting for Mark to arrive with a shovel the heavens opened - so rather than let the tree go I simply put the plastic bag on my head to try and keep dry. At that precise moment two friends happened to pull onto the driveway to find me wearing this years latest "carrier bag" head gear and clutching a tree. So..............what? Everyone will be wearing them soon; I am simply starting a new trend!!! Needless to say the tree didn`t get potted and decorated as time slipped away.

Last night we attended two carol concerts, one almost immediately after the other! The first was a village event; an appearance by Father Christmas for the children in the town square, some carol singing and  lots of hot mulled wine. 

The second took place in a charming old chapel in the next town. The chapel had been beautifully dressed, and the evening started with a local lady singing the most wonderful solo of the old traditional 'Coventry carol' . The purity of her voice was so amazing, enhanced by the acoustics of the old church that I almost cried as her voice soared up to the vaulted stone roof.  I was saved from more singing by my good friend Marianne, standing by my side, who sang for both of us.  I had no idea  she was a budding opera singer and could hit such high notes! 
It was at that point ( whilst miming 'Oh come, all ye faithful;) that I at last started feeling " Christmassy"!

Today we dressed the tree but progress was slow due to a  a stream of welcome visitors, who enjoyed coffees and hot chocolates.

So.....I have finally decided to give up trying to photograph and list new items.  I also have given up trying to catch up with everything;  I am simply going to go with the flow! I surrender - just put a flashing Santa's hat on me, and drag me where you will!!

My new listings will start on the 27th  - subject to not having been kidnapped between now and then by more friends with their madcap festive antics. Bah..humbug!.

As for the village nativity scene ? The crib remains empty but, surprise surprise, a log fire with twinkling fairy light flames has appeared. Those shepherds must be warming the stable ready for the arrival! I will keep you posted on that one!!

Bonne Noel mes belles

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  1. I am so in awe of your description of the singing, for if I had a decent voice I'd never stop singing! This experience and the local, and the fact that it touched you so, this experience, oh I wish I had been there.

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas Shirley and a great New Year.
    Jo xx

  3. Shirl!!!
    Merry Chrimbo darling! Have a good one :-)