mardi 11 décembre 2012

The Countess and the creche

The large chateau in the next village is ensconced behind high walls with turrets on the corners. There is a long driveway from the entrance on the main road where it is just possible to see the chateau itself in the distance.

The Countess is responsible for the village Christmas creche and it always makes me smile when it is erected just outside one of the turrets for all the villagers to see - all of the figures are put in place except for the baby Jesus.

Last year the baby suddenly appeared on Christmas morning just as the bible story says. So I have spent all year wondering whether the Countess herself was driven down the tree-lined drive at midnight to place the baby in the manger; and did she wear her usual tweed chic suit or was she in her nightdress?

This Christmas eve we are going out to dinner with friends. When it is over should I hide behind the creche and see what happens. Will the countess or someone else place the baby Jesus; and, if he has already been placed, should I replace him at the dead of night for something else? A teddy bear? A pumpkin with a face painted on it? An inflatable Rudolf?

I know I would risk being struck by lightening for such a sacriligious  act - but I would love to see the villagers faces when they imagined that Madame La Comptesse must have been full of Christmas vin rouge when she tripped down the driveway to complete the scene!!

I love this sign on the chateau wall name could be added to it next year if I had the nerve to do it!!

For those readers who have read the earlier blog, here is a Ragondin nest ( or two!!) in the still-flooded marsh.

A la prochaine mes belles

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  1. I love it that Mary's cloak is trimmed in lace! Only in France. I am looking forward to more of your wonderful stories & adventures in 2013. Enjoy your New Year celebration.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~