mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Fingers in the patisserie till.............

I am at last getting back into the swing of things. It is always difficult to lash myself back to my desk after being away for a week, truffling! I am gradually unpacking and listing my treasures.

Last week, whilst I was away, the swallows left home. One minute they are here swooping and diving, the next minute - gone. If I was a landlord letting out a property I could never rent to a swallow.....they would pack in the night and leave without as much as a "Merci"!!

Much to the amusement of everyone here I have finally got myself a decent phone which not only has an internet connection but a camera too.  Bearing in mind that I was the one member of our family whose phone was so old that everyone laughed if I took it out in public, I really did need a new one! 

I was doing quite well and I realised I could do lots of new things with it - but it took me ages to work out how to make a simple phone call! I could have done with a 10 year old to come and show me;  children nowadays seem so much more advanced than me in such matters!

I managed to download the Ebay app, which is hysterically funny. Each time someone places a bid on one of my auctions a loud "kerrrrching" rings, just like a cash register]. ( yes I know...little things please little minds!).

Today I was in the patisserie and Madame, wife of our local fabulous gateaux maker, had to go into the back room to bring out more delicious morceaux. As she turned to leave the counter, you've guessed what happened. Off went the 'cash register' ring - causing her to whirl round immediately and view me quite suspiciously. She must have thought I had tried to rifle her till as she had turned away!!!

I have also discovered that without pressing any buttons I can give this new phone voice instructions......cup of coffee and a croissant please!!

For those of you waiting for my new, separate "Lettres d`amour" blog to start up we are currently putting them all into date order before we start. There must be over 400 letters to get through before my friend begins to translate them.

A la prochaine mes belles

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  1. I have a "barking dog" on my phone when I get a message which like your cash register causes consternation in shops. Good fun!
    Julie x