lundi 30 septembre 2013

Chez nous...................

It`s nice to be back home at the chateau after a busy week of travelling. I have a wonderful array of old treasures to get listed and I have taken to adding little peeks of what is coming up on the simply-chateau Facebook page each day. You can find the Facebook link on the right border here.

The Stockman mannequin above is one of my favourite finds as she still has her old textile intact. She is such a waspie-waisted mademoiselle with her 23" waist!

Tartelette flew back to the US on Saturday and peace reigns here now! Phew! I am left with two of her purchases; stunning 18th century chairs whose temporary home is here in the salon. But I don`t mind...I quite like them visiting.

I do confess that some poor tuc tuc pedaller had the task of hauling the two of us up the traffic-laden Champs Elysees. The poor man looked like he needed gas and air after he had finished with us!

I forced Tartelette to order supper at Laduree in her best French accent which had us falling about in hysterics. A lady dining alone at the next table joined in and told us she was from Washington and that she was celebrating her 60th birthday alone as she was in Paris on business. Of course we paid for her supper as a treat and sang "Bonne anniversaire"  - which was more like a birthday torture!

The next morning after an early start at the flea market we hauled our treasure-filled trolley onto the Metro where it promptly collapsed and gave up under the weight. It really wasn`t a problem as, from that point, we used the car for the rest of the truffling trip.

At one point, some three days later, Tartelette was strapped into the back seat of the car with an old plaster shop mannequin bust. We decided the bust was better company and much more intelligent!

By the time we arrived back "chez nous" the car was bursting with treasures and I had threatened Tartelette that should she wish to buy anything else it could be no bigger than 4" square.

If you are visiting The Shepton Flea market at The Bath and West showground in Somerset this coming weekend you might discover Frou Frou with her stand on an outdoor pitch. She has rifled my armoires and studio and will be laden with vintage treasures. When I have an attic clearance over here lots of items remain unpacked and she has taken advantage of me; now I know what it's like to be truffled!

More news from the chateau tomorrow as my latest finds are photographed.

A prochaine mes belles

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