jeudi 19 septembre 2013

Paris here I come..................

I am setting off to Paris tomorrow to meet up with Tartelette for a little flea market 'truffling' before we set off on our road trip next week. I am expecting her to be waiting for me under the clock inside Saint Lazare station . She is like a whirlwind of energy with knobs on but I am ready for it!!!

I think I should wear a label saying " If found in a distressed state please return this person to Le Petit Chateau du Breuil".

After some flea market heaven..........................

I have been promised lunch at Laduree!

We will then come back briefly to Normandy to unload our treasures -  before setting off again for a week of truffling around France.

And as for those bundles of letters I referred to yesterday.......

..........Mark and I sat up until 3am this morning glancing through some of them.

All are dated and it is clear that the soldier wrote a letter/sent  a card to his sewwtheart virtually very day. Inside one of the bundles was a photograph of the young lovers so we can at least put faces to their names. It`s going to be a wonderful story - but I think the ending is going to be a real tear jerker.

The story starts whilst the couple were courting (1933), includes the birth of their daughter, Collette  (1934), reveals the day-to-day routine of an Army officer of the time for a few years preceding and  then after the occupation of France by the Germans in WW2.  A true tale of a 'grand amour" 

 The writing is quite spidery in places and hard to read and some of the " old" French is difficult to translate, but I have been to see a good friend today who is willing to help with the translation. There are so many letters that I think I will open up another blog site just for recounting the story so we can all watch it unfold.

I aim to start the new blog when I return home next week and shall let you all know what it shall be called.

A la prochaine mes belles

6 commentaires:

  1. What a job you have got. Looking forward to following the story.

  2. I have goosebumps, how amazing to have found such treasures.
    Have fun in Paris, Shirley!!

  3. Have a wonderful time and hope you find some fantastic treasures. Looking forward to reading the new blog, got the kleenex ready.
    Jo xx

  4. Well ... if you REALLY have to go off enjoying yourself before starting "l'histoire d'amour" (I think that's right!) then I suppose that we'll all just have to wait.

    She-who-must-be obeyed is also in suspenders waiting for the start, and wonders that if you don't have all the material that you need for a wonderful novel? With all the rubbish that gets published these days, it would be nice to see something written that has real substance behind it. You never know, you could end up writing the script for the next big "tear-jerker" on the big screen!

    Bonnes vacances


  5. Hi Len
    Well there`s the title I`ve been searching for .......I have been racking my names for a new name for it.............perfect......
    L`Histoire D`amour