samedi 14 septembre 2013

Give me beguiling candlelight............

This weekend is the "Patrimoine weekend" here in Normandie where many local manoirs and chateaux open their doors for a once a year public tour. I love it as it is my chance to get a look inside some of those wonderful privately-owned buildings that I gaze at all year.

One very beautiful chateau was listed on the visiting list so off we went. We arrived at a small marquee on the drive, paid our 3 euros and set off towards the chateau.

However, as we got closer we were diverted into a barn to look at bullet holes and tin hats left over from the war and that was it! No entrance to the chateau!!

Excuse me!!! As important as the D Day memorabilia is here in Normandie, I do not want bullets, tin hats, barbed wire and guns!!!!!!

Give me aristocracy, cravattes, beguiling candle light, monogrammed bed linens and cutlery. I want bed canopies, tapestries, gilded mirrors and urns with the odd Count or Countess being at home thrown in!!!

I shall try another chateau tomorrow.

How dares they?!!!

Madame flaps her fan, adjusts her bustle and flounces out of the salon!!

A demain mes belles


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  1. What a disappointment. Good luck next time. It sounds a fantastic day out.