mardi 3 septembre 2013

Merci Grandmere!!

Our local village brocante leaves me truffleless year after year but I still get up early and arrive there as everyone unpacks....I suppose it is just a dirty habit!

Last Sunday at 6am as we drove to the square we passed a sign outside a house that said VIDE MAISON. I know that the house has recently been sold and wondered if it was too early to knock the door to see the goods for sale.

As I walked up the path Madam came out onto the lawn carrying a chair. She explained that she has sold and is moving this week so she had decided to use the opportunity of the village brocante to sell the items she didn`t want to take with her.

She told me to follow her into the house and took me to a room filled with bric a brac and boxes. It always seems a little rude rummaging in someone`s house especially at 6am too!

The room was filled with some hideous vases and such like, but, I always believe there is a little "sleeper" somewhere to be found. A quiet little item that has sat somewhere for so long that the owners almost do not see it any more.

Then I looked at a corner of the mantelpiece, a hidden shelf tucked at the back and there they were!

The most divine pair of heavyweight 19th century candelsticks with a Verdi gris green finish to die for!!

"Oh Not those old things" Madame said "
Grandmere left them in the garden for years and someone brought them inside when we had a power cut".

Merci to Grandmere I say......those years outdoors have given them the most divine colour!!!

I am listing them today...

a la prochaine mes belles


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