vendredi 13 septembre 2013

Friday is fine, Gaston.....................

Friday has become a bit of an unofficial day off for us. I photograph and list my latest finds from Monday to Thursday whilst Mark deals with the packaging and posting off of our parcels. Weekends are spent truffling for treasures - so Friday is a day we like to leave free.

Today we got up a little later than usual. Mark did a little packaging and loaded the parcels into the car -  and then we set off for what turned out to be a wonderful lunch with two good friends of ours at a small local restaurant. The kind of friends where you don`t have to dress up, you can be yourself, it is always in a relaxed atmosphere - and you know that you are in the best company possible!!

After our kisses goodbye we set off for the post office to catch the daily lorry for Paris prior to driving on to the supermarche.

En route old Gaston swerved out of his farmyard without stopping, directly in front of us. In his mind I'm sure he thought he was driving at flat out racing driver speed; in real life he was doing about 15 miles an hour!! But the old French road rule ( give priority to a vehicle coming in from the right) can still be unnerving - particularly when the road joins directly onto a major road!) Some of the older residents here still stick to that rule to the letter even though 'stop' lines are often painted across the minor roads. We've discovered that you just need to remain constantly alert for the unpredictable!

We knew it was going to be a very, very slow procession to the supermarche so we stopped en route to photograph my favourite empty chateau - Blanchelands....

Still for sale, still empty and still hauntingly beautiful.

I always tell day it will be mine!

We  figured we were safe and had missed old Gaston but no...he had just arrived before us at the shopping carts!

How can he have taken THAT long to get there?!!

But do you know what? It`s

Gaston can drive as slow as he likes. ......But PLEASE - don`t let him pull out in front of me on a Sunday morning on the way to a brocante!!

Have a wonderful weekend mes belles

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  1. Your life sounds so perfect. We had a house in the Limousin but never moved there. Oldest daughter decided she did not want to move so we sold it. Now she says we should of. We can't win.
    I still would love to move to France. but daughter now off to Uni next week and son in last year of school here. I feel we could all have a much better relaxed way of life but don't want to do it without the children. If my dream does not come true I will have to compromise and just have a holiday home there. But I feel this is not the same.
    Love reading your blog it reminds me off our time spent in France.