jeudi 22 mai 2014

A good feeling x 3

Three good feelings today and it`s not even lunch time..........

No. 1 The best things come in little parcels so "MERCI" to Madame Besnier at the patisserie!

No.2  When we bought the chateau there was an old dog kennel in the garden that was whisked away by one of the relatives the day before we signed the paperwork. Five years later has finally returned home and is being guarded now by my guard pig! 

No.3  And talking of being "finally home" we had a wonderful email this morning from the grandson of the Baruch family mentioned in the letters yesterday. Oh the power of the internet!!  He is delighted to hear of the letters and we are just as delighted to be passing them to him. Apparently there are a couple of books being written that are including his family story from the 1930s/40s.

Three reasons to be cheerful!!

A la prochaine mes belles

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