jeudi 14 août 2014

Grease my ears............

This local chateau was in ruins until someone bought it and began to renovate. The shutters were broken and hanging off and the brambles almost concealed the whole building. It was a little like the enchanted castle where sleeping beauty lay until the prince chopped his way through! Every time I pass I have to stop and peer through the railings.

One day I am going to get my head stuck between them and you are going to have to come and grease my ears to get me out!! Actually if you are going to do that just remove me with the railings around my head....I could think of lots of uses for them here!! I always wonder if someone is looking back at me through one of those windows saying " That wierdo is back again"!

As we speak there is still no sign of a pumpkin but I have discovered we seem to have all male flowers and no female flowers. There is a huge amount of testosterone in the pottager vegetable patch at the moment. Perhaps there is some kind of a pumpkin flower dating agency where my plant could pick up a mate? 

I am still trawling through the chateau textiles and this latest pair of Lyon silk boudoir curtains may be faded as they have been tied back for so long but oooh la la  they are beautiful!

And then we discovered this batch of gorgeous glass covered orchard labels that were apparently used in the orangerie where the seedlings were started.

Firstly...they do not open so how did they seal the paper labels inside?

Secondly...who cares they are delicieux!!!

A la prochaine mes belles

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