dimanche 31 août 2014

Sunday truffling.....

Our Local History Society opened a pop-up shop at a nearby village vide grenier today.

It was textile heaven; definitely my favourite haunt of the day. I didn`t know where to start. 

The window display was full of 1920s, 30s and 40s hats.

Everything had been painstakingly labelled and priced and those wonderful ladies must have worked SO hard to get the goods from the old closed down shop ready.

Linens, lace, period costume,  gloves, old Paisley shawls, fragments of needlepoint, textile morceaux, old cottons and threads, 1940s shoes......the list goes on.

They had also cleared out and put up for sale some fancy dress clothing which had been saved from 
numerous village carnivals over the years - and the ladies from the society giggled like school girls as they transformed Mark into Toulouse Lautrec - or was it, perhaps, Abraham Lincoln!

It was a very very long day but my truffled hoard is wonderful. Now this coming week I have to photograph and list it all.

A la prochaine mes belles

5 commentaires:

  1. The pop up shop looked wonderful.

  2. Thank you for sharing & making me green with envy on a Monday morning! xx

  3. Oh all those nightdresses just waiting to be dyed and worn by me!
    Wish I had been there....
    Julie x