mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Simply Chateau is pleased to announce....

After throwing down the gauntlet to all our friends to see who could grow the biggest pumpkin by Halloween  I have been receiving photographs of their huge yellow and orange specimens all ready for the competition evening.

After planting my seeds along with everyone else I had lots of foliage but no pumpkin at all.

Everyday I have visited the plants, checked , watered, fed, prodded, pampered, sung, wailed in dismay and as a last resort gave them a team talk about production and giving their all for the chateau reputation.

Finally I am pleased to announce the arrival of my specimen. It has been a long painful process and as you will see from the photographs he appears to be "green" and not yellow. I am not even sure he is a pumpkin at all and I am slightly worried he may be a courgette!

However, despite his unusual appearance he shall be greatly loved and cosseted and he shall be called "WINNER"!!!

He has a few weeks to grow huge!!!

Watch this space mes belles


2 commentaires:

  1. A whole crop of pumpkins could be quite stressful all those pies and pumpkin preserves could have played havoc with your derrière, or even carving them out you could have lost a finger or stabbed yourself ...? I always like to look on the positive side of things ha ha xxx

  2. I believe in your little green plant pumpkin thingy.He can grow up and be a strong green plant thingy .In case he forgets the pumpkin part I, will bring the orange paint with me to lemans.I do believe your true calling is truffling for treasures.Horticulture is a close second.