samedi 13 septembre 2014

And you think I am demented?

Received today a little note from a recent guest at a dinner party......

Dear Countess

Thank you so much for the lunch yesterday it was simply
 chateau delicious. I especially loved the steak pie, that was a true feat of culinary excellence. The surroundings
 in the chateau marquee were equally impressive. The 
structure appeared at first sight to be quite simple, but
once inside one was cast into a world which illustrated the opulence and confidence of chateauesque entertaining. The table, so loving laid, had a delicious flowing sculptural quality with its inventiveness and execution of display. The whole effect was one of sumptuous opulence, with a touch of playful frivolity. The cutlery and porcelain, so painstakingly arranged had a stunning repertory of symmetry and style, I straightaway noticed a sense of movement, almost liquid in the way each element teased the eye when viewed along the length of the banqueting table. The food, of course was splendid, each course in its own way celebrating the triumph of French chateau cuisine. with, at times, an English posh pub twist- very clever that.  When finally the desert arrived, the ice cream sundae said it all- a broad statement of change from our normal simple food to the very best that the top echelons of society can offer. In short, the nosh was great- thanks

...and now you know why I am daft! It`s my friends fault!!!

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