jeudi 18 septembre 2014

A mystery in the village....

We all stood in silence at the village war memorial in the lashing rain watching as our new mayor  performed a tree- planting ceremony. This new, large addition situated on the outskirts of the village was to commemorate the American soldiers who had lost their lives here in Normandy following D-Day in June 1944

All seemed to be going well; a number  of  'monsieurs' assisted the Mayor to plant the new tree whilst quite a few 'madames' stood huddled together picking fault with their work muttering under their breath "it's not straight",  "it needs a bigger hole",   etc, etc.

There then followed a celebration in the village hall - and the  wine flowed. A good time was had. All was well with the world.

But.................the next morning - tragedy.

The tree had completely disappeared!!!

Had it been stolen?

Did someone not like the new mayor?

Did someone fancy a new tree on their driveway?

Was it only on loan!

I shall keep you updated with any news.

"Treegate" is now well under way!

A la prochaine mes belles

4 commentaires:

  1. Best leaf it to Special Branch. They'll twig who done it, not bough under the pressure, and leave no leaf unturned in the search for your super sized seedling.
    (Sorry, I'm lying here in pain with nothing better to do!)

    1. Had my fourth surgery on my foot/ankle to try and stop it from collapsing. Unfortunately, this one was really involved and is painful - and the pain-killers don't seem to be working very well so I find it hard to sleep. My main worry though, is that they keep putting more and more scrap metal in there - and I'm trying to lose weight!

    2. Spivvy...remind me never to follow you in the queue for the scanner at the airport!!