lundi 19 janvier 2015

From Boho to Hobo..............

It has been a trying day to say the least!!!

Miss Frou Frou and Mr Frou Frou had arranged a ferry crossing to the UK along with their dog Count Kipper to collect the keys to their new cottage.

Having three cats and Count Kipper to move back to the UK along with a house of furniture is not an easy process. They took the opportunity to take Kipper early so that he could stay with family whilst the rest of the move took place.

They arrived at the ferry terminal at 6am to find that the dates for Kipper`s rabies injections and other treatments required to travel between France and the UK had been miscalculated.

Kipper was unable to travel so it was decided that Mr Frou would go back to collect the keys, Miss Frou would stay at the ferry terminal until we could get to her to collect Kipper and then she would travel on a later ferry that afternoon.

Whilst waiting for us to arrive Frou and Kipper had no option but to sit and wait in the empty ferry terminal whilst we made the hour or so journey to the rescue.

Frou was sat feeling sorry for herself with no luggage, just Kip in his bed and a plastic bag filled with his food and bowls  when she was approached by a young French couple.

" Are you homeless mademoiselle? Are you hungry? Do you need food?"

Oh how we have laughed at this!!!!

From Boho to Hobo in one easy movement!!!

She finally made the later boat and we set off back home with Kipper asleep on the back seat.

And then we hit the road block with the French lorry drivers having a protest.......

As I said.....what a day!!!!

A la prochaine mes belles


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  1. Is it not a little bit drastic to kick Frou-frou out of the country because you can't put up with her non-nicotine habits?