samedi 13 novembre 2010

The last rebel.....................

Well the hedges are trampled, my lawn is like a colander and there is one rebel heffer left. He had evaded capture last night and stayed on the marsh all night shouting for his friends. The farmer and his team arrived  to collect him and once again he has crashed through what is left of the hedge onto the lawn and I saw him pass the cuisine window laughing as he went.
They managed to get him back onto the marsh and of course by then it was 12 noon and time for the great 2 hour lunch break and everyone has disappeared for the most important part every Frenchman`s! Whilst they are away we have managed to find some green wire fencing to try and fill the gap ready for the afternoons capture.
Has the farmer just nipped in to say "desole" .... sorry? Has he figgy pudding! I`ll let you know what happens.......................

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