samedi 20 novembre 2010

Save me....................

This week has been an absolute whirlwind and everything has gone to rats with my Ebay listings but I simply have not been here at all!!!
We arrived home after two huge trade fairs late on Wednesday, spent all day Thursday preparing some divine fripperies with a Marie Antoinette theme for the Vintage at the village hall fair I am attending next week ( see link left) and yesterday we hit the road truffling around all the local brocantes.
Last night we hosted an aperitif party in Tartellette`s honour and it ended up a very, very raucous affair and we all got to bed at about 2am! 
 I was very wicked to Tartellette and told her that we had invited "The Countess D`Amfreville" to meet her and we were amazed and honoured that she had accepted the invite. As there is no such person we had arranged for a good friend Lynn to glide into the party in a fur coat looking as regal as possible. I told Tartellette that she had to be very respectful and if the countess should offer her hand she should lower her head and kiss it! She was to be polite and not touch her or speak to her unless spoken to! Of course we were all in on the joke and when "The Countess" arrived we all fell silent as her chauffeur ( her husband John!!) removed the Countess`s fur and I could see the terror on Tartellettes`s face as Lynn approached her. How Lynn managed to keep her face straight I will never know!!! She greeted Tartellette regally in French and put out her hand, Tartellette took her hand solemnly bowed her head and in her very best French said "Bonsoir.....Comment Allez Vous?". The whole room exploded in hysterics as I told Tartellette that we had set her up!!! Needless to say that was how the rest of the evening went!!!
So today we leave for Lisieux, 2000 + stands of brocante through the streets starting at 4am tomorrow morning. It`s always a very very hard one to do as it`s so large but it never dissappoints and we usually come home with divine treasures year after year. The local townsfolk empty their attics, small time dealers bring out their stock and top notch dealers unload what is not worthy for their high class stores ( It`s always more than worthy for me!!).
I promise to get back to normal (whatever that is!) next week. Tartellette is threatening a guest blog on here before she goes. Heaven help you all!
Bon weekend mes belles!

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  1. Dear Shirley,
    Have you ever countenanced the idea of having all 70+ of your blog friends over for one huge sleep over followed by a morning of brocanting?! If so count us in...

    Sheila and Sherrill