jeudi 11 novembre 2010

Up there in the heavens..............

We are in the last throes of getting the attic ready just in time for the arrival of Tartelette from Oregon. I can hardly believe the difference up there now. When we got the keys to this tiny dolls house chateau the top floor high in the pointed roof had a soil floor and you could see the sky peeping through the old roof tiles.

 Last winter the wind howled down the winding wooden stairs into the house and we had to block it off with huge tapestry curtains and sheets. With there being no electricity up there we could only go up there in daylight and then it was still dimly lit. In the dark we found three original old doors face down in the soil and they have now been used in the house.

There was a huge hornets nest tucked in one corner which made us very fearful as we started the restoration. Pierre a local farmer came to look and thrust his hand right into the middle of the nest at which point we headed for the stairs tres vite! But he did it to prove the nest was was an old one and fortunately for him and us it was no longer used!

I knew it could be amazing up there as the old roof timbers are curved and shaped so beautifully but I never dreampt it could be such a wonderful extra bedroom.

Here we are now ready for our first guest up there in the heavens and the difference is amazing. It has been insulated, plasterboarded and finally plastered.

The floorboards have been laid and it is all now painted. The heating has gone in and it is totally transformed. To keep it as light as possible with such a tiny window up there everything is fresh white and pale Gustavian grey. A lustre chandelier adds a twinkling light and my favourite old grey armoire with the toile door is now installed.
Today the wind has howled and lashed across the marshes and we have been up there putting in some finishing touches. It was warm and snug and George the old dragon weather vane that is secured through the roof into one of the beams was creaking and groaning over head in the gale but there is not even the slightest draught at all.
I will take some photographs for you in a day or so when we have finshed completely!

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  1. It looks absolutely beautiful already, looking forward to seeing the pics of it finished.
    Jo xx