mardi 28 mai 2013

Repettos brought to life..................

It has been a wonderful short break with the family on a long weekend visit. Yesterday the sun was scorching so there was nothing else for it but to pack a picnic basket and head for the beach.

My two nieces are both ballet dancers which was so evident as they elegantly tip toed their way through the shells on the beach to the waters edge!

The old faded pink Repetto ballet shoes hanging here on display were brought back to life when the girls stepped into them..............

So of course the girls came in useful to model some old theatre costumes I have recently truffled out!


This tailcoat is an amazing confection that has Louis IV written inside in old sepia ink!

Well they didn`t think they were going to visit without having to work did they?!!!

Back to work for me tomorrow with lots of new treasures to be listed.

A demain mes belles


2 commentaires:

  1. How useful to have some living models :-)
    The weather in northern France was stunning yesterday was'nt it! My nose is a little pink!