mercredi 29 mai 2013

The handcuffs are off!!

I find it SO hard to get back to work when the family have gone back home!

 Someone took the handcuffs off and now I don`t want to be captured again!

I want to "do lunch", go to the beach, be a tourist, go sightseeing, go to the chocolaterie and have hot chocolat and croissant amande and sunbathe in the garden. ( It is however raining at the moment but you know what I mean!!)

I don`t want to do the second world war museum again as I ended up sniffling at the touching letters sent by American soldiers stationed here in the war to their families and sweethearts back home in the US.  ( My blubbing was much to the amusement of my nieces!). When I read the letters of a soldier who didn`t make it home I had to go outside!!!

I am consoled that I have some delicieux pieces to list and shall wear the crown all day long as my last treat!

Can you please remind me to take it off before I answer the door to the postman? He already thinks I am a bizarre madame Anglaise!

A la prochaine mes belles

1 commentaire:

  1. Well, you deserve to wear that crown, Shirley. Hard work deserves a good time later. Adore that crown and wish it were mine.