samedi 27 juillet 2013

Defrocked.....time to come out of the armoire................

I never really put any pictures of myself anywhere as I don`t want to scare anyone!  I think it stems from the time I delivered a piece of furniture and the buyer said " don`t look anything like I expected!". I never asked what she had expected and I have wondered about it ever since!!

But a visitor ousted me on her blog which was picked up by the eagle eyed Len.....and I thought I had got away with it!

She had asked me to pull the funniest face I could so of course I obliged and that was of course the one she used.

So....I give in with a slightly less manic picture.
Finally out of the armoire!

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  1. Oh, so nice to finally "meet you". Love it! Scare people, you are funny. As usual, I adore your sense of humor so very much. xo

  2. Your exactly like the picture i had in my minds eye. Really lovely and fun looking. I know exactly how you feel though about keeping a low profile. I sell antique french armoires and beds. I was born and raised in the blackcountry and even though i left there when i was a small girl the accent has never left me. When i sell something on ebay and someone real posh sounding calls me to talk about delivery they are so let down. One of my customers just would not have it i was shelly. They said yes your name is shelly as well but can i please speak to shelly the business owner. I'm sure he thought i was the tiolet cleaner.
    Anyway so nice to put a face to the blog and a lovely face at that


    1. Shelly I am a Black Country girl too!!!! Where were you born?

    2. Hi Shirley
      I'm from dudley i have not lived there for thirty odd years and i sound like i left there yesterday. Even the french before they answer my questions say to me birmingham. I'm slowly working my way round france trying to teach them one thing you never say to a blackcountry girl is birmingham or it knocks an extra £50 off the armoire your selling me.

    3. Oh you are SO right!! I am Walsall born and if anyone calls me a Brummie I always tell them the best thing to come out of Birmingham was the Aston Expressway! I thought I had lost my accent until I did a TV documentary and almost died when I watched it!!!

    4. Just when i thought you could not get any more perfect. Your a blackcountry girl how wonderful.
      Add another gold star to your sticker book shirley. Your on 5 gold stars now. Everyone else i know is only on two.
      take care for now shelly

  3. You're a beautiful woman! No more hiding under an armoir!

  4. There's no way you're going to scare us away - not with your "joie de vivre" (not to mention, sense of humour). The photo on Mme Lala's site shows more-or-less exactly what I'd have expected to find - someone we'd all like to meet and share a chocolat chaud et croissant with. That said, having read Frou-frou's description of your truffling adventures, I'm not too sure about battling against you at the brocantes though, as I couldn't take the bruises!

  5. Addendum... It would appear that pictures of Madam are popping up all over the interwebby thingummyjig if one looks! Congratulations